Saturday, February 27, 2010

The Situation

The Situation:

By reading the following blog, you will be introduced to some of the greatest places to eat on Rochester’s west side. Right now you are probably asking yourself, “why just the west side?” If you are a west sider, you know as well as I do, that it is very underrated. It may lack the flashiness of the east side, but there are some great places that deserve recognition. So here it is, the best diners, restaurants, and places to chow down in the west side of Rochester, N.Y.

The Guys Behind It All:

We are a group of guys born and bred in Rochester’s suburban west side. We grew up in Hilton, dining at Hilton Family Restaurant, or as we will often refer to it, the HFR. There we have experienced it all: great people, great food, great prices and a great atmosphere all around. Since we got our licenses and some sort of transportation, we have traveled to and critiqued many places among ourselves. We eventually decided to share several of our favorite places, as well as our least favorite places with you.

What We Like & Look For:

We like it all. For the most part however, you will notice we often tend to order much of the same thing. One of us will typically order a garbage plate equivalent of some variety; the other generally something with chicken. However, we are known for pulling the breakfast card out at any time of the day, and always willing to try a certain place’s specialty, if they have one. As for atmosphere, we like the greasy spoon-type diners and trying to find what makes them unique. We also love sports bars, and occasionally we’ll go for fancier places, but keep in mind we’re college-aged.

How We Grade:

We will use the old-school letter-grading system and apply it to the following categories:
Service/Atmosphere- attitude/flexibility of the staff, wait time, parking, accessibility
Food- taste, quality, quantity (slight bias toward the latter)
Value- price, ”bang for the buck”
Overall Experience- how quickly/often we would return

A: Would return in a heartbeat, regardless of timing, hunger, price, etc.

B: Willing to stop in every now and then, probably has a few items that really stand out

C: Gets the job done, but nothing extraordinary

D: If we really have to and/or are really starving

F: Never again


  1. AnonymousMay 04, 2010

    What?! No Abes? You guys should 'seek the best burger'.

  2. Believe me, we'll get to Abe's, it's one of our favorites. They have one of the best grilled chicken sandwiches I've had and we plan on going back. We just haven't been there since we started this blog