Saturday, March 6, 2010

Crosby's (formerly K&K Food Mart)

1228 Hilton-Parma Corners Road, Parma
Written by Tyler
Gas stations aren’t typically the most picturesque places to sit down and enjoy a bite, but they’re usually good for cheap bites on the go.

It would be unfair for grading such a place on atmosphere and service (for food), not to mention it’s a relatively extensive chain, so we will refrain from giving a grade in this situation. But, we will throw a suggestion out there if you’re ever in the Hilton/Parma area and need to grab something quickly, and perhaps share it with a friend or two.

Crosby’s, formerly K&K Food Mart, on the corner of Parma Center Road and Route 259, is a Sunoco station with a food mart/convenience store inside.

They do have a typical pizza-joint menu, including fresh pizza (as opposed to gas stations with only a few slices sitting in a warmer all day), wings, fried foods, subs and more, but it’s the calzones that having us fueling up on food at Crosby’s, rather than gas.

It’s more so just a folded over, or “stuffed” pizza, rather than a typical calzone, which often has multiple types of cheese, sauce on the side and is personal sized. Crosby’s/K&K’s “Family Size Calzone” ($8.99) is the size of a large pizza, folded over.

If you are a fan of traditional calzones or thin-crust pizza, this may not exactly satisfy your cravings, but if you’re a fan of doughy pizza and crust, like me, this is right up your alley.

The traditional pepperoni calzone from this location isn’t too heavy on the cheese, and actually includes about an equal sauce to cheese ratio, which I much prefer. It’s a bit greasy, but the crust and sauce, along with a fairly liberal amount of pepperoni, make this calzone satisfying.
They also offer ham & cheese, sausage, roast beef and meatball, and perhaps more at other locations, but the one we keep going back for is the bossy chicken.

The bossy chicken calzone includes chunks of chicken tenders covered in Boss Sauce and a steady (though thankfully not overwhelming) supply of mozzarella. The sweetness on the sauce covering the chicken is the perfect complement to the doughy crust, in our opinion.

K&K and Crosby’s have over 30 locations throughout upstate New York and northwestern Pennsylvania, including ones in Hamlin, Brockport, Clarkson, Kendall and Holley, among others. We haven’t been to any other locations, so we aren’t sure if the calzones are the same at each one, though we imagine they are quite similar.

This may not be more than folded pizza or gas station food to some – some might not even consider it a real calzone – but it’s a calzone as we know it, and it’s a rather frequent meal for us.


  1. AnonymousJuly 16, 2010

    im eating one right now...and i am not pleased with the quality..u are correct..bossy chicken is there best and from now on the only one i will order from there...ive tried to other flavors...cheese and pepperoni and a sausage..and they're not very appetizing. also i ordered from holley and clarendon...BOSSY CHICKEN CAL ALL THE WAY!!!