Monday, April 12, 2010

Jackson’s Bakery

614 Stone Road, Greece
Visited April 1, 2010
Written by Tyler
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No place on the west side may have been busier than Jackson’s Bakery during the recent Easter season.

If you’re not familiar with the bakery and were wondering what caused the swamped parking lot in (one of) the old, semi-rundown plazas near the corner of Stone Road and Dewey Avenue, here is your answer.
Jackson’s is considered by many to be the best bakery on the west side, and perhaps even all of Greater Rochester, although you can’t tell from its appearance and location.

Most of the buildings and houses in the Dewey Avenue area are relatively old, and Jackson’s is no exception, but it adds to the experience.
When you enter, you get a feeling of what it was like to go to a traditional bakery back in the day. The place looks like it hasn’t changed since the 1950s, as exhibited by the white boxes tied with string (which comes from dispensers) and the old-fashioned cash registers.

They only offer desserts and breads here, so we will refrain from grading it, but we will say it is going to be hard for any bakery to top Jackson’s.

My dad has sworn by Jackson’s torte cakes for years, getting them often for parties or even randomly when he is in the area.

Aside from trying the buttery cutout cookies and Easter-specialty hot cross buns, I had to pick up some of Jackson’s famous White Mountain rolls for Easter dinner on this visit.

These soft dinner rolls dusted in flour are very popular, especially during holidays, and were in high demand when we visited. Luckily, we pre-ordered our dozen-and-a-half beforehand.

Another interesting item are the frogs, which are cupcakes completely surrounded by a mountain of frosting to give it the characteristics of a frog. A sign said they were “back by popular demand,” so I grabbed one for my family to sample.

Jackson’s offers pretty much any sweet baked good you can imagine; cakes, pies, cupcakes, cannolis, Danishes, pastries, turnovers, etc., and everything on display is appetizing and priced very reasonably. I might even eat a cardboard box from Jackson’s if I didn’t know any better.
There is nothing fancy about Jackson’s, unless you consider a very old-fashioned bakery to be fancy (or at least unique), but it’s a great experience to visit a traditional place like this every now and then.
It’s a throwback, but I’ve only heard positive reviews of Jackson’s, and it’s stayed open and popular for more than 60 years. It’s basically guaranteed to be a home run whenever someone’s sweet tooth needs to be satisfied.


  1. hey, great review! the pastries there look awesome...i'll have to check it out sometime!

  2. You did not mention the Tort Cakes???????

  3. "My dad has sworn by Jackson’s torte cakes for years, getting them often for parties or even randomly when he is in the area."

  4. It's nice to know that there are still small independent owned companies like that out there. Locally, we have two very old fashioned meat markets. It's just like as you described you step inside of them and it's like you're taken back to the 40's-50's.

    Those frog cakes would be too much icing for my liking though.

  5. It is always good to have some old buildings still around. It gives you a feeling of home and it brings back old but happy memories.

    Jackson's Bakery is probably one of the places that I will visit in the future.