Friday, November 12, 2010

Main Street Pizza

82 Main Street, Brockport
First visited Oct. 17, 2010
Written by Drew
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On my 18th birthday, this past summer, my parents bought me a gift certificate to Main Street Pizza. My mom ordered it online through the Entercom Marketing Results Group and its half-price hook-up deal. For $25, I was able to treat my friends to a $50 meal, and of course I saved this occasion for a Sunday evening when we could all gather and watch football. That time came in week six of the NFL season.

One of the catches in this discounted deal was that we had to spend all $50 in one single order, so there was a lot of eating ahead of us. I headed over to the restaurant before going to my buddies’ house to put the order in. A sheet cheese and pepperoni pizza, along with four-dozen wings would be more than enough food to keep us college guys full for the night and most of the following day. We also made sure it was delivered, mainly because we didn’t want to carry all that food up three flights of stairs. Going into this night, none of us had ever had pizza from this location, but we all had heard good things about its pizza.

We ordered the pizza for 8 p.m. Right at 8, the pizza came. We quickly laid all the food out to see how it looked. After taking the appropriate pictures, we dove right in.

I went right for the sweet and spicy chicken wings. I loaded my plate up with five or six wings, a few slices of pizza, and a cup of blue cheese and walked over to plop on to the couch. With the first bite of the wings, I exclaimed that these were some of the best wings I’ve had in a long time.

Since going here for my pizza, I have returned numerous times. A few of my neighbors in the dorms and I ordered pizza and wings from Main Street about a week later. We noticed that there was a difference between the sheet pizza, which is Sicilian-style, and the smaller sizes of pizza, which some in New York style. I enjoyed the Sicilian more because the bottom of the crust was crisp, but the rest was still doughy.

The New Yorker was just crisp. And,I liked the wings so much the previous time, we ordered two-dozen wings (one dozen BBQ and the other sweet and spicy). Just like the first time, the wings were very meaty and saucy.

This past weekend, during the Bills’ game, I ordered another wings again, along with a slice of pizza. This was New York-style slice, so I was a little hesitant to get it but I was glad I did. It was very crisp on the bottom, and very easy to fold. As mentioned in several of the past articles, If I can fold my food, I enjoy it that much more.

This cheese slice I got to-go, along with the wings, was the call of the day. The wings the third time was just as good as the wings the first two times, so I can say they are some of the best wings I have had.

Main Street also offers subs, wraps, (garbage) plates, burgers and hots, as well as typical fryer items.

On my last trips to Main Street, I chitchatted with the owner. I commented him on his website, and found out he created it himself.

“I’ve got more to add to it, but I just have to find the time” he said.

I strongly suggest you go check out his menus over on his website


Service/Atmosphere: We ordered take out, however their store has a large-screen TV visable from any seat in the store, as well as smaller televisions that sit on the ends of the tables for the dining in customer.

Food: Some of the best wings I have ever had.

Value: The prices are a little bit higher then what the typical college kid would want to pay on food, but it is totally worth paying more because you definitely get for what you pay for.

Overall: My new go-to pizza place, when I’m out here in Brockport.

Grade: B+

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  1. Here I totally agree! Main Street is the best! Sorry I've moved, it's a bit of a drive for me now. Miss that place!