Thursday, December 30, 2010

Slayton Place

54 Slayton Avenue, Spencerport
Visited multiple times
Writen by Drew
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Last May, Tyler and I happened to be traveling through Spencerport and decided to stop to grab a bite to eat. We stopped at the Slayton Place. Little did I know, that would be the last time I would eat in their previous, run-down location.

Tops Friendly Markets bought Slayton’s old building so they could install a gas station there, and the restaurant moved across the way, in to the plaza. Now at a nicely renovated spot, I have returned to the Slayton Place several times.

The first time I went, I ordered Slayton’s version of a garbage plate. The plate was very generic, however the meat hot sauce really stood out from the rest. Since the time Tyler and I went, I have returned numerous times with my family.

The first time I went to the new location was for a retirement party for one of my mom’s co-workers. The new location has a party-room area that can seat about 40 people comfortably. For that meal, we had a pasta dish with meatballs and chicken parmesan with, of course, a side salad.

On other trips back to the Slayton Place, I usually order a cheeseburger with a side of the hot sauce. Their burgers also come with a side of their double-fried French fries, which are typically a fan favorite on the diner scene.

Both of my parents typically order Reuben sandwiches. According to both of them, they are one of the better Rueben sandwiches around. The corned beef is always thin cut and juicy, and, all compiled, the sandwich is very thick. My Dad will always order that when he goes, and my Mom will either order that or the fish fry.

On my most recent trip there I went with my mother. She ordered a beer-battered fish fry with French fries and coleslaw.

“They do their fish fry every day which is a nice thing,” my Mom explained.

The fish wasn’t too fishy at all (not being the biggest fan of seafood myself , I guess that is a good thing). She enjoyed her French fries, but realized halfway home that she was never given her side of coleslaw or the side of rolls that usually comes with every meal.

I mixed it up a little bit and ordered their Chicken Finger Dinner. The meal came with six large chicken fingers and two sides. Not knowing I had to choose two sides, I ordered French fries and also, in a panic, home fries. For a dipping sauce I ordered the honey mustard sauce, so I could more closely compare the meal to Tully’s. I couldn’t even come close to finishing the whole meal. The four chicken fingers I ate were very good and juicy. The honey mustard was a little watery, but still very good.

The chicken itself cannot compare to the quality that Tully’s serves, but that’s more or less a universal truth. The French fries, as previously mentioned, were very good.

I only picked at the home fries because I didn’t really have that much room for them. They looked kind of crsipy - strikingly similar to those at Hilton Family Restaurant, which has the best home fries on Earth - but a bit undercooked. But anything that appears close to HFR's home fries is probably something we should actually try sometime.

Every time I walk out of the Slayton Place, I feel satisfied with what I just ate. It is one of the restaurants my family will frequent if we are in the area. However, with Krony’s just down the road, we don’t go to Slayton quite as often.


Service/Atmosphere: In our most recent meal, two sides were missing. But usually they are very quick to refill your drink or to bring your food out to you.

Food: Fish fries every day of the week and one of the best Ruben Sandwiches around.

Value: Prices are very typical of the diner scene. Relatively large portions.

Overall: A typical family diner and one of the better restaurants Spencerport can offer.

Grade: B-

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  1. Sorry, I have to disagree. I think their food is mediocre at best. That goes for their old and new location. The place is not kept clean, so you can feel the greasiness when walking on the floor and the booths and tables are barely cleaned. The food is just average so nothing to go running back to. The other thing that stands out is the guys who are always hanging out the back door smoking, spitting and picking their noses and scratching their heads before they go back inside to cook the public's food. Disgusting!