Thursday, February 3, 2011

Olympia Neighborhood Restaurant and Lounge

1100 Flynn Road, North Greece
Visited Feb. 1, 2011
Written by Drew
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On this particular Tuesday evening, I traveled out to Greece Athena High School to watch my brother play basketball. After the game, my Mom and I went out to grab a bite at a place we have visited before, the Olympia Neighborhood Restaurant and Lounge, on the corner of Flynn and Latta roads in North Greece.

I was hesitant a bit the first time I went, but it obviously didn’t bother me that much, seeing as we returned. They say you learn something new every day, and I’m glad we ended up here because I learned they have a second location, out in Gates.

My mom and I walked right in and sat right down. Even though we were eating at prime dinner time, roughly 6 p.m., we expected little to no wait due to a winter storm that was supposed to hit the area within a few hours, and ended up being one of maybe five parties dining at the time. After walking in from the parking lot, I was cold. I sat down with the intention of getting a cup of soup with my meal.

I mixed it up a little bit, and instead of going with a chicken meal or a burger, I focused my attention on their 10 special sandwiches section on the menu. One that stood out to me was the roast beef au jus. This sandwich was probably eight inches in length, but was almost too tall to fit into my mouth.

The roast beef wasn’t overly cooked or dry at all. The sandwich was perfect when dipped into the au jus, and definitely filling. I was able to finish all but one bite of my sandwich, and brought the rest of the beef home.

My sandwich came with a large helping of steak fries, which were good, as well as a cup of soup. I was given the options of three or four different soups, but I ordered the Chicken Florentine, which ended up as a good move.

My mom ordered the Spanakopita. When she told me what she was going to ordered, I responded, “Excuse you,” because I wasn’t sure what language she was speaking. From my understanding, it was like a quiche with egg and spinach filling. Her meal came with soup and salad, as well as a side of different fruits and vegetables. She also ordered the Chicken Florentine, which she was also satisfied with.

Our meal came with a basket of bread and crackers, and good service. The location is very convenient because it is near both Athena and Arcadia High Schools. I will probably return, but would be interested in going to different places near it as well.

Tyler has been to Olympia before as well, though not in a few years, and said they have a good breakfast. He said he remembers having excellent Italian-bread toast, which came in large slices, and added the home fries were solid. Greg has also voiced interest in trying Olympia because he heard they have good gyros.

Looks like we’ll be making another stop in the near future.


Service/Atmosphere: Very friendly service, felt like home.

Food: Very good soup. The sandwich was average, but definitely filling.

Value: The meal my mother and I had came out to be about $20, which is a little pricey considering we both ordered ice water as our beverages.

Overall: Not a bad meal. I didn’t find much wrong with this place, as the meals I had were good, but nothing that stood out as a ‘must-return.’

Grade: B

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