Monday, November 24, 2014

We're Sorry, We're Back.

Written by Drew

We apologize for our extended hiatus from the blogosphere. During the last few years, we have endured several different things that merely got in the way of being faithful to our blog. It is now that Tyler and I feel comfortable enough to resume from where we left off, and our passion to find the best eatery in the area has not waned. 

I hope that you have caught that I said area. When we began writing in 2010, we defined Monroe County into three zones: the west, the east, and the gray area. This was one of our original guidelines that we have struggled with. As we have aged, we've enjoyed many different restaurants that were within our original borders, the gray area, and now even the forbidden area east of Rochester. We will maintain our name and our logo, but we will travel outside of our comfort zone and enjoy in all of the great food that our region has to offer – and perhaps even venture out of the Rochester area from time to time.

Here’s what’s new with us. Tyler has found success in his post-college life after graduating from St. Bonaventure in 2012. He is currently a producer at one of the local TV stations. Now engaged to then-college friend Amanda, Tyler has taken on more social media work, coordinating various outlets for local high school athletic programs.

I, on the other hand, have graduated from SUNY Brockport. I ran in two campaigns for local office, successfully winning one of the two. My family has purchased what we call a “lake home” on Keuka Lake. I have spent much of my fair-weathered time in the beautiful Yates County. I am currently working for a local school district as a one-to-one aide for a student with a learning disability.

There has been a loss in the Rochester Westside Grub family. My father, Steve, who has been one of our most loyal readers, passed away in October 2014. This blog was one of his favorite reads. We would talk about where we should go out to eat for dinner, and whenever anyone mentioned any of the 40+ places we have reviewed, he would state exactly what everyone had, and what grade we gave that location.

Going forward, we will continue to visit restaurants that we find appealing to our appetites. Along our journey, we may revisit one of our old stomping grounds and re-grade how we feel about our experience there. 

We appreciate our loyal fan base who read our blog for all those years, and truly apologize to those who have been waiting for our next post. For those new followers, spend some time looking back at the 40+ locations that we have already visited, and hopefully we can retained you as one of our own.

Next Post: Union Street Eatery, Spencerport, New York

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  1. Sorry on the loss of your father. It is never easy to lose your father. My condolences.