Saturday, July 17, 2010

North Chili Family Restaurant

4405 Buffalo Road, North Chili
Visited July 9, 2010
Written by Drew
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The week after Tyler’s birthday, Team Stealth celebrated my 18th birthday by traveling to previously uncharted territory for Rochester Westside Grub, as we headed to North Chili, just a few miles east of Churchville near the corner of routes 259 and 33.

A month or two ago, my family and I was in the area for my brother’s soccer game. We decided to stop before the game and get a bite to eat at the North Chili Family Restaurant, a Greek family-diner type. After eating my first meal there I definitely wanted to revisit it with the boys.

Team Stealth and friends are avid fans of the Hilton Family Restaurant (HFR), so going into our visit we were expecting much of the same from the NCFR.

We went on a Friday evening, the conclusion of the first week of work for Tyler, Ryan and I. I couldn’t think of a better way to end a week.

We pulled in to the parking lot and barely could find a spot. Unknowingly, we walked in on Fish Fry Friday. Even though the parking lot was almost full, we walked in and sat right now, taking the last open booth in the whole place.

After being seated, we were waited on by a nice waitress, who was very prompt considering the full dining room. She brought our drinks right out, and later complimentary baskets of warm rolls and butter, which were anything but the dry, boring bread many restaurants give out.

Looking at the very extensive menu, I had no idea what to order. Joe and Ryan ended up ordering NCFR’s version of garbage plates.

Tyler and I both ordered the grilled chicken dinner, consisting of one large grilled chicken breast (Tyler's looked like two separate medium-sized ones) along with two sides. I ordered French fries and home fries. Tyler also ordered the home fries but got applesauce also.

My piece of chicken was very good. Just the right amount of marinade. The chicken itself cut well and was juicy. It was one of the better pieces of meat I have had at a family restaurant.

Tyler said his was decent, but not spectacular. He said the marinade was different and was pleased by the portion size. He gobbled down the applesauce and was quite impressed by the home fries, saying NCFR’s version was right on par with HFR’s and were the best home fries he’s ever eaten outside of Hilton.

He added he was surprised breakfast wasn’t available when we went (or at least no breakfast items were on our menus), but was pleased grilled chicken was available, along with getting to sample to home fries.

As for the plates that Ryan and Joe ordered, there was a lot of food. These plates were HUGE, and the food was just piled up, with a very large piece of garlic bread on the side. Both had cheeseburger plates, with a side of home fries. As for their second side, Ryan got a side of French fries, and Joe went the more traditional route and ordered macaroni salad. They both agreed NCFR’s plates were among the best plates they have had.

“That plate I had was one of the better ratios of home fry to meat,” Ryan explained.

Joe ordered a strawberry milkshake, which he enjoyed because of its thickness.

Anyway, just to recap, all four of us ordered a side of home fries. In my opinion they were very good; it was almost unnecessary to add salt and pepper to them. They had great flavor, with a good balance of crisp and soft throughout. We agreed they were very comparable to our favorite home fries, those of HFR.

All in all it was a pleasant surprise; a great place to go out and eat. We will probably stop at NCFR again if we’re in the Churchville-Chili area.

Service/Atmosphere: This place was PACKED! Despite this, we didn’t have to wait long to be waited on, and our food came out easily five minutes faster than we thought it would. Very convenient location if you are headed down 259 or 33. NCFR makes you feel at home, which is exactly what you want from a ‘family restaurant.’

Food: Standard diner fare, for the most part. One of the better chicken dinners I have had. Joe and Ryan were quite pleased with their plates. The baskets of warm rolls were a great compliment.

Value: The prices were very low and the portions were large. You can’t go wrong with ordering from any type of family restaurant.

Overall: A pleasant surprise. Before we left, I had very little doubt that we would have a lot of stuff to talk about for the restaurant. Upon leaving, I was very glad we spent my birthday weekend at a very decent restaurant, where waitressing made the meal.

Grade: B


  1. Food looks really good, I wonder are there any Prezzo restaurants over there? They're one of the better family restaurants we have over here in the UK.

  2. I work at the NCFR, and we do offer breakfast any time of the day, you just have to ask the girls for a menu. :) Also, I have to say that is is a very good review, thanks!

  3. AnonymousMay 07, 2012

    They have the best beer-battered fish fries around! We've tried a lot of other places, but we keep going back to NCFR! Never had a bad meal there and the service is prompt and courteous.