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Tully's Good Times

1225 Jefferson Road, Henrietta
Visited June 30, 2010
Written by Tyler and Drew
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Of all the many places to grab a bite in Henrietta, our resounding favorite is Tully’s. Two weeks ago, we and our friends celebrated Tyler’s 20th birthday. He chose Tully’s Good Times, and we had just that.

Drew: Two full cars, with 10 people total, headed towards Tully’s; one driven by the newly licensed Joe and the other by myself. Once we got there we all piled out into the ‘gray area’.

Tyler: I introduced the group to Tully’s a few years ago, after often eating there with my family. The first few times my dad took me there, it stood out as the most kid-friendly sports bar I had been to. I also quickly came to realize it truly does have the world’s “Best Tenders on Earth” it claims. My dad, even though he’s more of a burger or steak guy, gets the tenders every time we go to Tully’s. All our friends we have taken to Tully’s over the years have really enjoyed it as well.

Drew: Going into this meal, I knew exactly what I wanted to order: the Tully’s Tender Dinner. It consists of a half pound of the famous chicken tenders, a cup of honey mustard dipping sauce, a side of coleslaw and a slice of toasted garlic bread. This amount of food is just enough, almost too much. If you can’t finish all of it, reheated Tully’s chicken is just as good.

Tyler: The thing that makes the tenders is the batter. It’s crispy and golden on the outside, while spongy and yellowish on the inside. My dad said the interior reminded him of a sugar waffle. Tully’s homemade honey mustard has just the right mix of sweetness along with traditional mustard taste, making it the perfect condiment for the tenders. I also got a bowl of Baked Potato Soup, which was better than a similar soup I ordered at the more upscale Hose 22 the following night. There were several large potato chunks and crispy bacon bits, adding great texture to the creamy soup.

Most of the group ordered tenders, but there were a few other interesting dishes consumed by our party.

Joe said his Firehouse Burger, topped with pepper jack cheese, spicy mayo, salsa and jalapenos was good, and stood out because it was unique and not just a generic burger because of its toppings. Chad said his Basic Burger was generic, but then again his didn’t have any toppings.

Kameron said his loaded fries were “amazing.” He, Colin and Ryan each ordered various burgers and enjoyed them. Kameron said the chicken tenders were some of the best he has ever had in the area.

Greg wasn’t blown away by the chicken tenders, though that may be because he ordered his Buffalo style. He didn’t really get a chance to enjoy the classic tenders with honey mustard. Poor guy.

Tully’s is a small chain with nine locations, all in New York state. There is another Tully’s nearby in Batavia, plus two (soon to be three) in the Buffalo area, four in the Syracuse area and one in suburban Binghamton.

The general consensus was Tully’s had good food and perhaps an even better atmosphere. Tully’s is more interactive and family friendly than larger national chains like Chili’s, Applebee’s or T.G.I. Friday’s, and more of an aesthetic charm to it.

There is a ton of random/awesome/interesting memorabilia all over the wall and even on the tables. Also, there are TVs all over the place and plenty of arcade games to keep kids of all ages busy during the wait, which isn’t long.

Tully’s serves typical bar foods/appetizers plus soups, salads, a number of burgers and sandwiches, pasta and a few delicious-sounding desserts. Joe was very pleased by his Baked Ziti he got at Tully’s during Lent last year, and I have taken down “The Tully,” a delicious hot ham, turkey and cheese sandwich multiple times in the past.

“It was bombastically fun with finger-lickin’ good food… you can quote that,” Joe said. “(It) has a great atmosphere that’s great for all occasions. You could stop by for a (drink) and watch the game or your whole family for a fun evening.”

The service is fast and friendly, and the prices are pretty similar to the aforementioned large chains. Oh, and you get free popcorn while waiting.

Tully’s is easily our favorite sports bar in the area, and we look forward to going back for some good times and food (especially the tenders).


Service/Atmosphere: Fast and friendly service. Great family-friendly sports bar atmosphere that keeps you adequately entertained while feeling right on top of all the sports action. Perfect stop on the way to or from sporting events.

Food: As good as the big chains, with a few items (namely the chicken tenders) that set it apart from similar restaurants. If we haven’t stressed it enough, TRY THE TENDERS.

Value: Decent for a sports bar. All of the items are in a similar price range, with nothing too expensive. If it appears expensive, it’s because of the large portion sizes.

Overall: Our favorite sports bar in the area, and we love our sports bars.

Grade: A-

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  1. AnonymousJuly 30, 2010

    Thank you for the wonderful review. I'm so glad you enjoyed your Birthday at Tully's! We look forward to seeing you again soon.

    Tully's Good Times

  2. Best Tenders around....buffalo hot sauce is amazing !....Burgers delish