Monday, June 28, 2010

Krony's Pizza etc.

2139 North Union Street, Spencerport
Visited June 25, 2010
Written by Drew
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For the last two or three years, my family has had a handful of go-to restaurants. Our criteria are: close to home, cheap prices, tasty food and friendly service. Krony’s Pizzeria has been on top of that short list recently.

Every time I walk through the door, I am abruptly greeted as if I own the restaurant. I don’t think it is just coincidence either, because while sitting down and eating your meal, the owner of the restaurant, Steve, delivers and greets costumers as if they were family.

Over the course of last summer, I would say my brother, my dad and I visited Steve and the Krony’s crew about once a week, and the reasoning is they fulfill everything we look for in a go-to restaurant.

Usually when we go, my brother orders the two-slice and fountain drink combo, I would order a Krony’s Plate and my dad would either get a plate or slice, six wings and fountain drink combo. This combined meal comes in just over $20.

But ever since I’ve been cutting back, I have been ordering Buffalo chicken wraps. Krony’s Buffalo Chicken wrap consists of crispy chicken smothered in Buffalo wing sauce with lettuce, celery and bleu cheese, wrapped in a garlic herb tortilla shell with a side bag of chips. All in all, this wrap is about twice the size of the wrap I had at Abe’s in the previous review.

For this blog visit, with Tyler and honorary blogger Jay, I ordered the wrap again. Instead of getting the Buffalo sauce, which had just the right heat, I asked them to substitute it with Krony’s sauce (their version of a sweet and sour sauce).

Jay asked me what I would recommend. I suggested the slice, six wings and fountain drink combo. He got just that. He ordered his wings Buffalo hot. He described the wings as just “OK” and “a little under cooked.” His slice of pizza, however, was excellent.

“The slice was great... the crust was perfect... and I love the cornmeal on the bottom of the slice,” he said. He also noted Krony’s other location, in Hamlin, is his longtime pizza place of choice.

In his typical fashion, Tyler tried the Grilled Chicken Breast sandwich, with a cup of chicken noodle soup. He decided to make the sandwich interesting, ordering it on a pretzel roll along with honey mustard and lettuce.

Tyler was pleased by the ($1 extra) option to get a pretzel roll (basically a flattened soft pretzel), which he had only seen at a few other places before. The chicken breast itself was relatively large with good flavor, but Tyler said he could barely taste the honey mustard, which didn’t add much to the sandwich overall.

He said the soup was decent; heartier than expected with a lot of chicken, but thinner than he’d like and a small portion for the $2.69 he paid for it.

One of the perks about Krony’s is its fountain drinks. There is a relatively large variety here, including my family’s favorites like iced tea and pink lemonade. Also, the dining room has two 50+ inch flat-panel televisions mounted to the walls. It really is a great place to get a slice of pizza, a drink and watch a game.

Krony’s used to have a location in our hometown, Hilton, which closed a few years back. We all agreed we appreciate Krony’s pizza more that it isn’t right nearby, but at least there are still two proximate locations to get it. The cornmeal on the bottom crust, as well as the slightly sweet and well-applied sauce, makes Krony’s stand out among other local pizza places.

Despite being known for its pizza, Krony’s offers a wide variety of items, including soups, salads, wraps, subs, grilled items and typical fryer items, among others. I have always thought Krony’s Plates are one of the best versions of garbage plates around, also.

All in all, I can rave all day about Krony’s, but I would strongly suggest going there yourself and giving it a try.


Service/Atmosphere: Very friendly service with a clean, comfortable dining area.

Food: Their menu is quite extensive. The pizzas stand out first, but all of their other dishes are pretty good as well.

Value: The prices of their food are relatively cheap and the food is good. The variety here makes it stand out.

Overall: Without a doubt, I will be returning to Krony’s numerous times this upcoming summer.

Grade: B

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