Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Taste of Texas Bar-B-Q

122 South Union Street, Spencerport
Visited May 16, 2010
Written by Tyler
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Since opening on Spencerport’s main stretch by the canal in 2004, Taste of Texas has prided itself on being a “hole in the wall with a whole lot of taste.”

I’d give it a little more credit for its interior appearance, but it got the taste part right. It’s very difficult to find good barbecue in Rochester, especially on the west side, but Taste of Texas fills its niche nicely.

After being at the top of my list of restaurants I wanted to go to for quite some time, I finally got around to it when I dined at Taste of Texas with my family on a Saturday in mid-May.

The inside was fairly clean and had a good combination of Texas saloon (a bar) and barbecue shack in one. There isn’t a ton of seating, so I’d imagine the restaurant’s ‘seat yourself’ method can get a bit tricky at times. Also unique, you order you before you sit, then see your order slide down a zip line to the cooks.

Meals are served fairly quickly, with reasonable prices and an array of relatively unique choices.

The most notable item is probably the baked potatoes. The potato itself is huge in its own right, and seems 10 times bigger when topped cheese, bacon, sour cream and barbecued beef (pulled pork and chicken are also available), like my dad got in his $8 Outlaw Potato.

There are various sizes and toppings available for the potatoes, but my dad was left in awe of his. Even though he could barely get through half of it, he couldn’t help but share his approval of this mountain of a potato; so much so, he’s returned multiple times to get a baked potato (and sample its various toppings) to go. He’s yet to finish a whole potato in one sitting.

After deliberating on which sandwich I would get for some time, I finally settled on the Lasso Bar-B-Q Chicken sandwich, which was simply chopped up barbecued chicken doused in sweet, smoky sauce. The sandwich tasted great and I scarfed it down quickly. I was pleased with it, though more chicken would have been nice. Fortunately I had delicious baked beans, as well as a corn muffin, to fill the void.

My grandma enjoyed her Rodeo Pulled Pork sandwich, while my mom (admittedly not a big barbecue fan) was rather neutral in her critique of the same meal I ordered.

Drew, who coincidentally dined there the same day, enjoyed the Cattle Drive, a two-meat plate with choice of two sides and a corn muffin. He chose pulled pork and the smoked half chicken, with Moose’s Mac & Cheese and Brianna's Fries (regular deep-fried frech fries). The condiment bar also had complementary sliced white bread, which prompted Drew to make his pulled pork and pulled chicken sandwiches.

"All in all it was a good meal," Drew said. "Not fast food, but good food fast."

There are several intriguing options I’d like to return and sample myself, like Lone Star Turkey Breast, Bar-B-Q Pulled Chicken and Smoked Beef Brisket, and we’ve also heard good things about the soup. For you vegetarians out there (as if there are any reading this), Taste of Texas offers a couple choices for you, such as the Fried Green Tomato Sandwich.

I also can’t wait to bring in Greg and see if he can conquer the $25 Armadillo Plate – an Outlaw Potato, full rack of ribs and a corn muffin – to earn a free T-shirt and photo on the restaurant’s website. Only five people are pictured on the site as being successful in the challenge.

In all, Taste of Texas isn’t quite Dinosaur, but it beats most other semblances of barbecue – especially in its ‘sit-down restaurant’ appeal – on the west side. It’s nice to know there is a capable barbecue joint on this side of the city.

Service/Atmosphere: Efficient, unique and authentic, with a near-perfect setting in the heart of a nice village. It seems to be a popular place in Spencerport.
Food: The closest thing to an authentic barbecue experience you’ll find on the west side, with many unique and interesting choices.
Value: The prices are fairly reasonable, with an average “bang for the buck” (for example, you can add two sides to a $5 sandwich for $3).
Overall: Good atmosphere and food, but not quite the elite level Dinosaur is at. Relatively speaking, however, this is a nice place to try something different.
Grade: B+

Taste of Texas Bar-B-Q's Menu

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