Sunday, June 20, 2010

Abe's Restaurant

5232 West Ridge Road, Spencerport
Visited June 19, 2010
Written by Drew
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If you are a fan of being honest, log cabins and/or Abraham Lincoln, Abe’s Restaurant is the place for you. The slogan here is “Abe’s, an honest meal,” and I couldn’t say it any better.

If you are ever heading West on Ridge Road toward Brockport– which I frequently do – Abe’s is right on the way, in a ‘can’t miss’ log cabin near the border of Ogden and Parma.

The parking lot is shared with some sort of shed dealer. Walking toward the restaurant, your eyes quickly scan the log cabin exterior of the building, consistent with the restaurant’s theme. There are also numerous signs depicting large ice cream cones on the roof of the building.

With Abe Lincoln memorabilia lining the walls, wagon wheel chandeliers hanging from the rafters and a fully stocked condiment bar, customers get the full Abe’s experience even before they receive their food.

I have been trying to cut back on the intake of food at each meal and have already cut all beverages other than water out of my diet. My next step: eating more chicken instead of burgers, steaks and hotdogs. Abe’s was a great place to kick-start my new regimen.

So, with my new plan intact, I ordered a Buffalo chicken wrap. This consisted of a grilled chicken (I had an option to get crispy chicken), bleu cheese and mild wing sauce all wrapped up in a tortilla shell. Upon seeing my meal, I was kind of surprised how small it was, but I soon found out after digging in there was a good amount of chicken stuffed in there and it was just the right size.

Tyler ordered his typical grilled chicken sandwich, with shredded lettuce on it and a side of baked beans. He said Abe’s grilled chicken sandwich is one of the best around, based on previous experience.

“It’s one of the best chicken sandwiched I’ve had,” Tyler explained. “The marinade makes the sandwich better than those at similar places.” Tyler also ordered a side of baked beans. He said they were the same as those at similar restaurants, which is OK because they are “the perfect complement to a grilled chicken sandwich.”

I suppose my next visit (hopefully, for my own sake, I am still ‘cutting back’) will include a grilled chicken sandwich, based on Tyler’s recommendation.

Jake came with us, and ordered a cheeseburger and a side of fries (which looked pretty basic). In my opinion Jake only ordered that just because he knew I was cutting back (Note: Jake has denied Drew’s accusation). Jake said his meal was decent; not up to Bill Gray’s “World’s Greatest” caliber, but better than the burger he had at nearby Sullivan’s.

Abe’s also has a number of ice cream options, like “Blizzards,” “Flurries” and milkshakes, which are known to be pretty good. Abe’s also has breakfast beginning at 8 a.m., but you have to ask for a menu and we’ve never heard much about the breakfast options here. As for lunch and dinner, which is what Abe’s is known for, you can pretty much get anything normally associated with a grill or fryer.

Overall Abe’s has a similar style to Rochester staple Bill Gray’s. You order before sitting, and the service isn’t quite as speedy as that of fast food, but is faster than a typical diner. Both restaurants have a good selection, but Abe’s is less expensive for the most part.

It’s the down-home atmosphere at Abe’s makes it stand out from similar restaurants, though. You really do feel at home inside the log cabin. The food and atmosphere are much better here than at Sullivan’s, which we visited in March, and its consistency has us stopping by Abe’s every now and then.


Service/Atmosphere: Unique atmosphere. Service time is comparable to Bill Gray’s.

Food: Also comparable to Bill Gray’s, though it’s clear why Bill Gray’s is considered to have the best burgers in the area. The chicken options are better than most similar restaurants, thanks especially to Abe’s marinade.

Value: The prices are a little bit less than those at Bill Grey’s, and the food is similar, for the most part.

Overall: Great atmosphere and consistent food make Abe’s an honest meal for an average American.

Grade: B+


  1. We go to Abe's for the best pancakes around because they are light and fluffy and tasty. There prices are very reasonable for breakfast and the food is very good!

  2. AnonymousMay 24, 2014

    no gluten free options