Friday, March 11, 2011

Two Brothers Family Restaurant

6515 Brockport Spencerport Road, Brockport
Visited Jan. 30 and Feb. 26, 2011
Written by Drew
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As mentioned in previous reviews, since I spend most of my time out in Brockport, I have been trying to get to as many places out here and review them for you.

One Saturday, my roommate Josh, his friend Cody and I jumped into my car and headed to the Brockport USA Diner, just to find it absolutely swarmed with people. I then turned the car around and we headed towards Two Brothers.

We walked right in, sat right down and ordered our drinks, then started digesting the menu. Our drinks came right out and the waitress asked us if we were ready, which we weren’t. There were so many items on their menu, it was nearly impossible to make a decision. The waitress came back and we ordered our food. It would be a wait of about five minutes before our food came out. I was shocked how quickly we were served.

Even though there were numerous things on their menu that sounded appetizing to me, I was drawn to one sandwich in particular, the Hickory Chicken Sandwich. This sandwich was composed of a piece of grilled chicken topped with cheese, sliced deli ham and barbecue sauce on a hard roll, along with a large helping of fries.

The sandwich didn’t end up as great as I thought it would be. The barbecue sauce had little, if any flavor to it, and was weird in color. I also imagined the ham-chicken combo would of worked out better than it actually was, but the two meats just clashed in taste.

I ate about two-thirds of the sandwich and fries, and left the rest on my plate. My meal came with a cup of soup, which I have started to enjoy as of late. However, there was a slim selection of soups; just split pea and bean. I chose the split pea and only ate the crackers that came with it.

Josh ordered breakfast in the middle of the afternoon, opting for the 2-2-2, which consists of two pancakes, two eggs, and two pieces of bacon. Also available in the larger 3-3-3 size, this menu item is perfect for the breakfast fanatic.

The pancakes were average in diameter, but thicker than normal pancakes. Josh explained that his meal was good, (although it looked to me like one of the most generic breakfast meals ever), and better than breakfast here in the dining hall (which isn’t saying that much). He ate the 2-2-2 in its entirety, and in reality an average hungry person could put a serious dent in the 3-3-3.

Cody, like I, went for lunch. He ordered the Chicken Salad Club sandwich. His sandwich’s bottom layer was made up of chicken salad and bacon, with lettuce, tomato and mayonnaise on top.

His initial response was that the sandwich was too tall to fit in his mouth. Throughout the meal he reiterated that point by saying the layer of lettuce was unnecessarily large. His meal also came with a side of fries, and a cup of soup. The club sandwich looked generic, and didn’t leave the must have again-factor that we would of hoped.

Following this meal, I called Tyler up to discuss what we should do about this restaurant, and he suggested holding off about writing it and revisiting it with him when he came back home for mid-semester break. I agreed, and we went back.

Tyler was quite curious about how I described the barbecue sauce to him. He made it a point to order something from the menu which he could sample the strange barbecue sauce I told him about. He ordered a grilled chicken sandwich with the barbecue sauce and an order of home fries on the side.

He immediately noted the chicken breast was larger than that of most other restaurants, and had a pleasant hint of seasoning visible. He said the chicken was tasty – much better than what he ate from BBQ Fred the night before.

As for the barbecue sauce, it had an orange hue to it that we can’t quite determine a cause for (though the hostess couldn’t, either), but he liked it much more than I did. He agreed the flavor wasn’t too strong, but the taste it did have was good and complemented the chicken well.

He enjoyed his sandwich, and downed his home fries. He said they were among the top half of home fries he’s had; pretty tasty and a little crisp, but a bit too greasy to get them to HFR level. Overall he was pleased with his meal.

I decided to get breakfast so I can see if Josh’s opinion on things were accurate or not, opting for a short stack of pancakes with a side of sausage patties.

The sausage would have to be the best part of my entire meal. The patties were the first thing to disappear off of my plate. When I made my way to the pancakes, I noticed they were a little darker than the typical pancake. So I poked at it with my finger and realized they were a little overdone. I started to eat them, and my previous observation was verified.

The inside of the pancake was dry and kind of heavy. I finished about one-and-a-third pancakes, and left the rest on my plate. Tyler sampled a piece of my scraps, and agreed that they were overdone and, as previously alluded to, quite generic; perhaps even frozen elsewhere and reheated in the kitchen.

With my breakfast, I ordered a glass of chocolate milk. I was very pleased when they brought out a glass of what I believe was Byrne Dairy chocolate milk.

After our meal, Tyler and I talked about how we would assess Two Brothers, and came to this conclusion: Two Brother’s Family Restaurant was better than I originally said it was, and fit perfectly in the B- category with other diners we have been to that are the typical, run-of-the-mill family restaurants that we enjoy.


Service/Atmosphere: Typical family restaurant with speedy service.

Food: A lot to choose from. The breakfast was generic, but there are some interesting concoctions (including the orange-ish barbecues sauce) worth a look.

Value: Pretty standard for a family diner, with good portion sizes.

Overall: If you haven’t caught on yet, this is a typical family diner… but we tend to enjoy those types of restaurants more so than others.

Grade: B-

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