Thursday, March 17, 2011

Marvin Mozzeroni's

39 North Main Street, Brockport
Visited Feb. 27 and March 6, 2011
Written by Drew
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It has been my mission this year to try as many different places out here in Brockport as I can. With my second semester halfway through, a few restaurants remain on my “must have” list.

Now that NASCAR is back in season, My roommate Josh and I have been watching the races on Sunday afternoons. By the time a race is over with, it is around 6:30 in the evening. We have decided in the last few weeks to head in to town and enjoy a nice meal before we go back and do our homework for the next day. I honestly never thought of Marvin Mozzeroni’s as an option until Josh recently mentioned it. Looking back, I am glad he suggested it.

Josh and I went into Mozzeroni’s with absolutely no idea of what we wanted. After about 10 minutes of looking at the menu, I decided I was going to try a calzone, opting for a Buffalo Chicken ‘Zone.

Since the start if the school year, everyone has bragged about the quality of the calzones that come out of competitor Calzonies. After a few bad calzones from there (coming up in a future post), I have wanted to look elsewhere to fulfill my calzone desire. Guess what… I found it.

Marvin’s Buffalo Chicken ‘Zone was one of the best calzones I have ever eaten in my whole life. It was a mixture of the price, size, quality, and atmosphere that made my meal such a good experience.

The insides of the calzone consisted of cubes of chicken fingers shaken in Buffalo mild sauce, with mozzarella, cheddar and ricotta cheeses, but the outside of the calzone was even better than the inside.

The dough was perfectly cooked on the outer layers, and became more and doughier as you make your way into the center. The bottoms were crisp and had a nice texture.

My Buffalo Chicken ‘Zone came with a side of bleu cheese and two sides of mild Buffalo sauce. I used up the whole cup of blue cheese, but didn’t even bother putting more wing sauce on it because it already had the perfect kick to it.

I was hesitant about ordering the calzone with the ricotta in it, because I’m not a big fan of ricotta, but a last-minute decision to get the ricotta turned out to be a good thing, because it complimented the Buffalo sauce well.

Another thing I thoroughly enjoyed was how well everything stayed inside the calzone, and how clean it was to eat. I ended up cutting my calzone in half to make it easier to eat, and all the insides stayed on the inside. This made my experience much more pleasant.

Josh also ordered a calzone, the Marvin’s Chicken Finger ‘Zone, without the Romano cheese. This calzone consists of chicken finger strips, mozzarella and ricotta cheese, all smothered in pizza sauce with a side of bleu cheese. When I asked josh how it was, he simply responded, “Amazing.”

After both of us finished our calzones, we sat there for a good 10-15 minutes watching TV. That is yet another thing that made our experience there so amazing: the large-screen flat-panel television. We were able to change the channel to whatever we wanted while we were there, which made it feel like we were home.

Marvin Mozzeroni’s website is: This implies that they will pretty much make any of their dishes custom to how you would like them, which I experienced this on our return visit.

I ordered another Buffalo Chicken ‘Zone, but instead of getting the Buffalo sauce, I asked for sweet and sour sauce. The guy who took our order said, “No problem.”

I ate the whole ‘Zone, however I would say it wasn’t as good as the first mainly because it just lacked the kick that the Buffalo Chicken ‘Zone had. They will make anything custom to how you want it, but I suggest just sticking to their menu for the best combinations of tastes.

On our second trip, we also felt it was necessary to sample some pizza so I could write this review. Josh ordered a personal-sized cheese pizza. He compared Marvin’s pizza to that of Main Street Pizza, which we have called the best pizza in Brockport. He also mentioned that he “liked the pizza part.” After I made fun of him a little bit, he clarified himself and mentioned how he was a little disappointed when it came to the crust of the pizza.

I also ordered a personal-sized pizza – cheese and pepperoni to be exact. I shared the same opinion as Josh did, adding the taste and quantity of pepperoni was similar to that of Main Street’s.

Mozzeroni’s has four other locations, including one on the west side at 534 Lake Avenue in the city, just north of downtown. Another noteworthy item is the $5 Lunch Special, with 14 different options, offered weekdays from 10 a.m. until 3 p.m.

The menu includes five different sizes of pizza, 26 different calzone fillings/pizza toppings, and several specialty pizzas, subs, seafood dinners, pastas, salads, wraps, quesadillas, various sides and fryer items.

Both times we went to Marvin Mozzeroni’s, we had some of the best service anyone could ask for. I can see us going back several of times before the semester wraps up.


Service/Atmosphere: Love the fact I can just take the remote control off the counter and turn on ESPN. Also the service behind the counter has to be some of the friendliest RWG has come across.

Food: Really good calzones –arguably the best in Brockport – and serviceable pizza, with an extensive menu we’ve barely tapped in to.

Value: The prices were a little higher than those of other typical college-town places, but the products are definitely worth every penny.

Overall: Without a doubt, I will be returning to Mozzeroni’s in the near future.

Grade: B+

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