Saturday, April 2, 2011

La Famiglia Pizzeria

3208 Latta Road, Greece
Visited March 4, 2011
Written by Tyler
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I remember enjoying La Famiglia’s pizza the only two previous times I had eaten it, which were a handful of years ago. I remember a thick crust and a good helping of delicious red sauce making for a tasty pizza, and I wanted to check back and see if it was still the same.

My grandma and I stopped in last month, and it immediately seemed different from how I remembered it. It used to be more of a take-out place, but now it has a decent amount of seating and regular table service.

The menu isn’t terribly extensive for a pizza place. For pizzas, you can choose from three different sauces, four different crusts (based on thickness), more than 20 toppings and six specialty pizzas. There are also calzones, wings (eight types), subs, fish fries, pasta and the typical fryer items.

We decided to split a small cheese pizza (10 inches, $6.99 plus $1.10 for each topping), with pepperoni on my grandma’s half and grilled chicken on mine, with thick crust.

After a decent (though bearable) wait, I received a pizza that wasn’t close to what I remembered. The crust was hardly what I’d call thick, the toppings and sauce were relatively scarce, and the pizza was a bit greasy.

It was good enough for us to finish, though I helped her with one slice, but I wasn’t particularly impressed by either half.

There wasn’t enough sauce or toppings. The toppings that were there tasted OK, but there were nowhere near enough.

The crust was also OK, but it was too thin for my liking. I would have been slightly more impressed by the thin crust if I hadn’t specifically ordered thick.

I wouldn’t call this pizza generic, but it was disappointing because the pizzas I had previously had at La Famiglia in the past were really good. I will give it another chance, but I’m not exactly counting the days before I return.


Service/Atmosphere: The service could have been better, and there wasn’t much atmosphere. There weren’t many others eating there. It lies somewhere between a basic pizza joint and a basic family diner – perhaps too basic.

Food: Typical pizza-place menu. Our pizza was kind of skimpy in most areas. I don’t know much about the rest of the menu.

Value: Not bad, but I’ve had much better bang for my buck elsewhere.

Overall: Not how I remembered it, which is unfortunate because it was very good the first two times I had it. It may get a return look someday, especially to see if anything else on the menu is worth it.

Grade: C

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