Sunday, May 1, 2011

Zebb's Deluxe Grill and Bar

300 Center Place Drive, Greece
Visited Feb. 27, 2011
Written by Tyler

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Zebb’s recently opened on the site of a former UNO Pizzeria on Ridge Road in Greece, joining the Zebb’s in Brighton as the second of this mini-chain to hit the Rochester area.

I had always heard good things about Zebb’s, but hadn’t previously eaten there. My high-school football coach joked he would leave our game against McQuaid to grab a burger there if we didn’t play well (for the record, we won handily).

After it opened in Greece, I finally got around to dining at Zebb’s one recent Sunday afternoon with my parents.

When you walk in, it feels like a big chain restaurant, similar to Applebee’s or Ruby Tuesday. But it’s actually not. There are six total locations, including two in the Buffalo area, and one each in the Syracuse and Utica areas.

It was kind of crowded, so we had a slight wait, but killed time by watching TV while my parents ordered drinks from the large bar.

The menu features mostly American classics, especially burgers. On this day, however, each of us was feeling like chicken – specifically chicken sandwiches on fresh-baked rolls.

I got a Cajun grilled chicken sandwich with lettuce. There was a decent dusting of Cajun seasoning and the portion was fairly large and tasty. The homemade roll made it one of the best (of many) grilled chicken sandwiches I’ve had in the area.

My mom ordered her grilled chicken sandwich with mozzarella cheese and mushrooms, while my dad opted for Chicken Cordon Bleu. They were also fairly pleased with their sandwiches.

There is also a free topping bar, but it didn’t seem to be anything out of the ordinary. We didn’t really utilize it.

They also each got fresh-cut fries, which they agreed were outstanding – perhaps the best part of the meal. I didn’t have any, but they indeed looked fresh, with a medium thickness and the perfect balance between soft and crispy.

Following our sandwiches, we couldn’t resist the fresh-baked cookies that greeted us upon arrival. I believe there are two varieties available, but the most popular is Chocolate Chunk, which can be purchased individually (85 cents each), in a six-pack ($3.99) or in a “Big Box” ($6.49).

We ordered a six-pack of the soft, gooey delights. It was evident right away why they are Chocolate Chunk and not Chocolate Chip. The cookies were so soft they stuck together a bit, but that’s fine with me because they were pretty good.

Overall I’d say Zebb’s does a good job. It doesn’t blow you away, but it’s a respectable All-American bar and grill. It feels like a big chain, but it’s not, and you can tell some of the menu items truly are freshly made.


Service/Atmosphere: No complaints on either end, and a good All-American feeling throughout.

Food: Good portion sizes and good variety, primarily featuring American items. Anyone with “fresh” in front of it is just that.

Value: No complaints. Portion sizes seem to fit the prices.

Overall: It doesn’t blow you away, but it’s better than going to an Applebee’s or Ruby Tuesday because you can tell Zebb’s puts at least some thought in to its products – more so than the national chains it emulates, at least.

Grade: B

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